/Understanding the Taqiyya behind CAA protests.

Understanding the Taqiyya behind CAA protests.

It has been over a month since the Citizenship Amendment Act was passed by both houses of the Parliament and notified as an Act applicable to the entire union of India. Immediately after the Act was passed, the country saw a wave of protests which quickly turned into riot acts spread all across the country. Trains were burnt in W Bengal, Buses, public property damaged in Delhi and violent protests were seen in various parts of the U.P and other states. Along with the spontaneous riot situation, there was an incident of arson and rioting in the Jamia University of Delhi where it was alleged the Police entered the campus without permission and lathi-charged the students. Then in the first week of January, there came the incident of a quarrel between student groups of ABVP & Left Student Unions which again spiraled out on the streets of the capital. This time, however, the police did not forcefully enter the JNU campus because they were not being pelted with stones as was allegedly the case in Jamia protest. So both the student groups got ample opportunity to settle scores and they turned an educational institution into a political battleground in no time.

While legal procedures are being followed and the law will take its own sweet time to find the culprits the reason a quick recap of the violence was necessary was to understand the ideology driving these incidents in the country. One thing which is a serious challenge to national security this year is going to be the deadly combination of Leftism with radical Islamic elements. This combined entity has begun to show its strength from the day CAB Bill was brought out.

As described earlier, Left has a habit of using Islam to further its own agenda. The reason Communists find Islam so dear is because Left thrives on the heterogeneity of the society. The origins of communist or socialist ideas come from the Capitalist versus Workers’ struggles fought during the period of the industrial revolution in Europe. While the real capitalist versus industrial workers battle has subsided in the last century due to industrial modernization and automation of jobs the idea of fighting the battle of the so-called “oppressed” class hasn’t gone away and still reverberates within the neo- socialists of the 21st century. Since Islam and its followers are mostly in minority around the World, barring the exception of the Middle East, Islam finds an easy sympathizer in Communism. Ironically, both Communism and Islam never coexist together even after having so much bonhomie. Thus we see that there is no Islamic country that is communist or vice versa. Compounding the difficulty of surviving radical Islam that India faces is the Left which propagates the European idea of Nation-State. While the concept of Nation-State is in itself quite wide to be covered here in totality, the idea of nation-state goes against the cultural values of Bharat which is more than just a piece of land. Indian communists or Leftists apart from protecting the radical elements of Islam also propagate a revolutionist agenda which attempts at destruction of the cultural values of the country in the name of progressive values. Thus both Islam and Communism follow the single point agenda to destroy the culture and stability of the country. Since both Islam and Left follow a similar agenda they protect each other by hiding the truth from the people. While the Left uses Liberalism or progressive values as a way of creative lying, Islam follows the principles of creative lying through ‘’taqiyya”.

Coming back to the anti CAA protests, the protests have seen the same virulent mix of radical elements of Left & Islam carrying out creative lying of all sorts. The height of propaganda can be gauged from the fact that Shaheenbagh protests have a Wikipedia page now. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shaheen_Bagh_protests

Some of the pictures are quite an eye-opener and sufficient to unmask the creative lying done in the garb of CAA protests.


For example, one of the posters says “Burma nahi hain jo nikal jaenge, 35 crore hain, gale me atak jaenge”. Now why would Indian Muslims compare themselves to Rohingyas of Myanmar? Notwithstanding the fact that CAA does not say anything about the citizenship rights of Indian Muslims. Nor has the Govt said anywhere that it intends to throw out any law-abiding citizen out of the country of any Religion. Few posters also speak about NRC & NPR on which Govt has not even initiated any step on these issues. “Modi ji sudhar jao, ya phir guzar jao” is a slogan that calls for the elimination of the country’s Prime Minister. Should such ideas be allowed in the name of freedom of speech? Can the same be said about Trump in America or Putin in Russia? Posters such as” Inquilab” meaning revolt against the Govt and “Ready for revolution “can also be found. The present Govt of India is a democratically elected Govt. If a section of the society doesn’t agree with the policies of the Govt they have every right to criticize it but this does not mean they have the right to rise in revolt to overthrow the elected Govt. This is nothing but a clarion call for the civil war which in no way can be a positive direction for the country. But cleverly such ideas have been masked as the voice of dissent.

Another poster worth discussing is the one expressing the solidarity of Jamia, JNU & Aligarh Muslim Universities. So Institutions which are dedicated to one sect or religious community are lecturing about secular values of the constitution. Such a message is an oxymoron in itself. Not to forget the slogans and pictures depicting Goddess Kali and Swastika in distorted formations, indicate that they are actually protesting the majority religion of the country rather than the majority party in power. The fact that such a demonstration is happening in a place where only a particular community resides, with Hijab clad women itself shows the character of the protest. But to hide the Islamic agenda the supporters carry out a multi-religious gathering wherein Quran, Geeta and Guru Granth Sahib are recited together to display belief in secular values. But do the people reciting Geeta over there know that millions are killed World over in the name of Jihad, a radical ideology which calls for the destruction of Idolators and Temple worshippers. Probably the Sikhs doing prayers and offering Langars in Shaheenbagh have forgotten the recent desecration of Nankana Saheb in Pakistan or the Temple desecrated in Old Delhi a few months back.

But violence and deceit have their life. As the road blockade continues, the prolonged public inconvenience will suck off any sympathy people would have with the protestors. The Govt has also been largely indifferent to the protestors and the frustration will either lead to a violent eruption or loss of public support. The entry of politicians may change the direction though. With Delhi elections around, all parties will try to make hay while the sun shines and extract maximum political mileage out of it. The stage is set.