/Breaking India Forces Of the Past and the Present

Breaking India Forces Of the Past and the Present

Breaking India Forces (BIF), Tukde Tukde Gang are phrases which have reached the common consciousness in the past few years. From the times “Bharat Tere Tukde Honge” was allegedly sung by a group of students in JNU to #Shaheenbag protests where new ideas of breaking India are being contemplated, the scope of this term has only widened with time. ”Breaking India Forces” is a term coined by author Rajiv Malhotra in his book ‘’Breaking India: Western Interventions in Dravidian and Dalit Fault lines”. Often these terms are used loosely for anyone who opposes the Modi Govt, making people think that it is more about a paranoid Govt painting dissenters rather than a credible internal security threat. But is it really paranoia of criticism or something more. Who are these Breaking India Forces and what is the ideology guiding them.

Nevertheless Breaking India has been a long envisioned dream with many people attempting to achieve it during different points of history. One may say the dream has already been fulfilled on 15th August 1947. Since the attainment of freedom was marked by the brutal amputation of the country with the creation of Pakistan. Historians often describe Partition as a pre-condition for early independence. But on a closer look this argument seems poor in defending itself. For one, Independence was to be given by British while separate state was demanded by Muslims. So does this mean the pre independence Muslims were in cahoots with the British? But we are told both Hindus and Muslims fought together for the fight to freedom. If it were so, couldn’t the leaders of the Indian National Congress hold fight against the British for some more time so that independence was achieved without compromising on the territory?  If the common goal was to achieve freedom from the British rule then why the roads of the two Religious communities diverged midway. Taking a counterintuitive view, if a separate rule for Muslims was a precondition to Freedom, why was a complete population transfer not demanded by our freedom fighters? So while the Muslims got hold of a sizeable part of India’s geography, millions of Muslims still remained in the post partition India. If they wanted to remain in India then what was the need of partition itself? These are some questions the answers to which are not straight or simple. Yet we can at least attempt to learn from the past mistakes so as to not repeat them. One thing we can be sure of is that the British were able to create an anti state to India in the form of Pakistan, which could act as a strategic balance in the region. And as expected we have spent the last 70 years fighting Pakistan with wars fought four times. Had partition not happened, India’s boundaries would stretch to Central Asia in the West and ASEAN towards the East. One can only imagine the immense strategic & economic gains we would have accrued if we had the Pakistani territory under our control. The British understood the value of geography, much better than our founding fathers who floundered with these subjects at every opportunity. By creating East & West Pakistan the British effectively cut our arms and reduced our spheres of influence permanently. Thus it is safe to assume that while Islam was guiding the Indian Muslims towards demanding a separate state the strategic game was in fact played by the British.

The reason a recap of history was required is because those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it again. Fast forward 70 years and we see a similar game being played all over again. Only difference is that this time there is no visible enemy as the British previously were. India has been a sore in the eyes of every Western geostrategic construct because she stands in the way of complete Western supremacy. For India is the last standing civilisation and probably the only one with an active indigenous culture. It is one country which totally defies the European idea of Nation State. There exist more socio-cultural, linguistic differences between let’s say Punjab & Tamil Nadu than between France & Germany. Yet France & Germany are separate countries while Punjab & Tamil Nadu are one country. Even though all of Europe follows a single Religion but is still fragmented while India continues to stay united in spite of so many religious differences. Europe therefore required an economic idea to form a union or else they would be fighting each other every few decades. Whether or not European,  American Governments support India at a political level, on the map of human race India will always be considered inferior and a target of destruction.


So when an eminent philanthropist resents the fact that in spite of so much funding a nationalist Govt is in power in India, it is a proof that the project of Breaking India has not been forgotten. Just the artists have changed. This time it is the Global Left which wants to create a nation state by exploiting the social disunity of India. And as usual the Islamic elements have aligned with the Left because that is the only way they can survive. An India which is culturally tilted towards the indigenous “Dharmic”culture essentially hurts both Islamic & Left agenda. The ongoing anti CAA protests show that the opposition is not just towards a political party but few layers deep it is opposed to idea of India itself.

NDA Govt won 350+ seats in the 2019 LS elections, and now commands an undeclared majority in the upper house as well. The big win would not have happened without at least some unification of various caste strata. This social unification and the consequent diminishing of the caste fault lines is what George Soros meant when he referred to the Hindu Nationalist ascendency. The same is the cause of pain in the hearts of Islamists as well since their political weight is getting reduced. Moreover, by striking off Triple Talaq Modi Govt showed it is inclined towards reform of Islamic society as well. Obviously these reforms do not bore well for the likes of AIMPLB, Jamat e Ulema and other such institutions who claim to have monopoly over Muslim society. Hindu consolidation along with a Nationalist outlook will eventually lead to defeat of the Breaking India Forces. CAA is just the beginning of a long drawn battle. As the NPR & NRC is rolled out we shall see further attempts of internal destabilization. The majority of Indians have remained silent during the entire length of anti CAA protests. This silent majority is watching the events unfold. It is in the best interest of the nation that this silence is maintained. Should the majority decide to vote en block in 2024 the result would be even more heart breaking than what 2019 was.