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About Us

Finiqi is an educative blog, started by a group of passionate professionals who have spent years of hard work in the field of banking, finance and investments and now would like to empower readers with their profound knowledge in their niche. We intent to democratize “Money-making” through prudent financial planning, tax planning, working capital management and life style management. In today’s cyber world, online space is a great opportunity to earn big moolah, hence we shall focus on making money online by sharing informative guidelines and precise knowledge regarding various aspects of digital marketing

The world is changing fast and so is the aspirations of people. Its not just about the speed with which information reaches the masses but it’s the authenticity and credibility of the information which makes all the difference. Team finiqi promises that every information or service put forth through this blog will be backed by strong research and exploration. Not to mention, our readers interest shall be prioritized beyond any other measure.

Team finiqi wish, that through this blog, we create difference in the lives of our readers and help them to create wealth with the help of our high-quality professional support.
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