/9 Simple household tasks for kids

9 Simple household tasks for kids

Some days back I had been discussing with some of the other moms about the household chores my son helps me with, and surprisingly they did not show a great amount of enthusiasm listening to it as they thought that I was being too harsh on my young boy!

Yes, I am that Mom!!! I am that Mom who believes that involving children in household chores instills a sense of responsibility and accountability at an early age which greatly helps them once they are adults.

I’m a firm supporter of childhood chores. Letting my kid do household chores is an amazing way to teach him some of the basic yet vital lessons of life. 

RESPONSIBILITY – Assigning a certain task to kids, makes them feel responsible towards it and hence they are obligated to complete the given task well on time. Children begin to feel more capable for having met their obligations and completed their tasks.

ACCOUNTABILITY – Accountability is one such quality which comes in handy in the real world, especially the corporate world. With Responsibility comes accountability. Kids learn to perform the assigned task and are well prepared to face the consequences of the outcome.

CONTRIBUTION– Simple household chores performed by the kids somewhere instills the importance of contributing towards the tasks of the family. The entire setup mimics the real-world situation wherein it’s really important to contribute to the community in some way or the other.

ACHIEVEMENT – When the kids complete their chores, make it a point to tell them how proud you are of them for contributing to the family tasks. Appreciation boosts their morale and hence motivates them to do the task in even better way next time.

Whether we like it or not, household chores form an important part of our everyday lives. Involving kids in these chores not only gives them an opportunity to be a part of the family but also, they begin to see themselves as an important contributor.

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Simple household chores teach kids basic life skills which help them feel confident in later years of life. Many parents feel guilty of making their children do household chores but they never realize that children learn so much via these basic household skills. Not only do they feel vital, supportive but also responsible.

Here is a list of some basic household chores that children can help you with and learn some very significant lessons of life:

Grocery Shopping

Children can help you with grocery shopping. Ask them to choose vegetables or fruits they would like to have and let them choose for themselves. If they pick anything that is not so healthy, tell them why it’s not a good choice. This shall encourage their enthusiasm towards healthy food and food choices.

Cleaning up Their Room

This is the most basic and important of all household chores. They should know how to clean up their own mess! Motivate your kid to keep away their toys at the end of the day before going to bed. Trashing wrappers of candies and other basic stuff is indeed encouraging a brilliant sense of cleanliness in them which will be there with them till a lifetime.

Putting Up Clothes to Dry

Convert this boring task into a fun outdoor activity for your kids. Use colorful ropes to hang your clothes on. Ask your kids to identify each color while they help you putting up the cloths. Clipping the cloths also help kids develop their finger muscles which promotes fine motor skills. So, this can be a great chance to enjoy some fresh air and also encourages learning while playing

Setting up the table for meals 

This seems like a super simple task but it needs a lot of focus on details like keeping all the pre-requisites supplies for mealtime on the table as per the number of members in a proper way. Setting up the table offers opportunity to develop the below skills in kids:

  • Follow directions
  • Problem-Solving (Will spoons be needed or forks??)
  • Sequencing (First put the plates down, then the napkins then the cutlery)

Cleaning up the Table After Meal

Cleaning a table after meal is one of the simplest yet most imperative chore. Ask your kids to clean table after meal time while you are picking utensils and carrying them back to kitchen. It instills the importance of cleanliness in their lives.

Setting Book Stand/Shoe Rack/Closet

Help your kids to sort books alphabetically or by authors name. Motivate them to keep their study tables, books and bags in a perfect order. Sorting and categorizing shoes are a great enabler to help teach them importance of structure and organization in real life.

Folding and organizing Laundry

Children can help to fold small clothes like socks, handkerchiefs, vests, under-garments and any small clothing. They will feel involved and develop the habit of folding laundry which otherwise seems like a herculean and a mundane task. Keeping the right cloths at the right place shall help them learn to follow directions and categorization at an early age.


In a household, a lot of filing is required to be done by the members-Investment papers, Receipts, Tax returns, warranties, photos and more. Ask your kids to help you in whatever mall way they can as per their age. Filing can help teach:

Kitchen Chores

Kitchen chores can be assigned as per the age of the kids. If the kids are young, simpler tasks can assigned to them like sorting veggies & fruits, organizing small shelves, sweep and mop floor, trashing kitchen waste and many more. Older kids can help with the food preparation like washing and cutting veggies, microwaving food, serving dishes, cleaning refrigerator etc. etc. All these chores make them learn very vital kitchen skills that they will need as an adult.

Remember, it’s always better to engage kids productively rather than making them handheld device zombies by offering them excess screentime. So, mommies, don’t shy away from assigning any kind of household tasks to your kids as you are not just distributing your work but also helping your little ones learn some great lessons of life!!!

Manvi has a rich work experience of 9 years into Agency Channel & Corporate Marketing in Tata AIA Life Insurance Company Ltd in Mumbai. Her immense dedication and passion towards work has won her many accolades and accomplished her as a "Go-Getter". After a successful stint into the corporate she decided to pursue her long-fond passion for writing hence she is now a successful Parenting blogger. In Investocafe, she takes care of Marketing and is responsible for Planning, creating and overseeing long-term marketing strategies including the digital platforms. She also ensures expansion of Brand’s awareness/visibility through various marketing activities hence contributing towards the growth of the company.